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Welcome to PLACE, where our mission is to make sustainable housing accessible to everyone. We are committed to being the leading innovators in the industry, offering a unique platform that not only engages customers effectively but also fosters profitable partnerships. Learn more about our journey and values below.

Why Partner with Us?


Sustainable Housing for All

We are dedicated to the cause of making sustainable housing available to everyone. Our commitment to attainable, eco-friendly solutions and community support sets us apart. When you partner with us, you choose a path towards a greener, more inclusive future.


Innovation at the Core

Innovation drives our approach. We offer the most cutting-edge and efficient methods to engage with customers. Through our platform, you’ll discover the power of technology and creativity in building lasting, profitable partnerships that propel this industry forward.


Proven Results

We don’t have customers, we have partners, and we have delighted Partners; when a partner goes out of their way to help you, share your values and beliefs and want to collaborate with you on a shared purpose, that is a recipe for success! 

A Personal Partner First Approach

We believe in shared goals and working towards them with purpose and mutual respect. We are committed to long-term relationships with our partners. Some of our partners have been with us since our inception seven years ago, which we are very proud of.  You can join PLACE today for free or talk to Peter or Taupik if you have any questions. 

Meet the Core Team

Peter Zermanek


Sees future in intelligent buildings, alternative energy sources, sharing economy, creative entertainment…

Taupik Hikayat

Content Manager

As a team player, I thrive in collaborative environments and am always eager to learn and grow.

Wifqo Syams

Game Developer

I’m passionate about gaming for connecting people, spreading joy, and eliminating stress

Chukwudi Monanu

BIM Specialist

I aim to deliver cost-effective, accurate, and efficient BIM services, meeting client expectations

Advisory Board

Sarah Murray

Board of Advisors

I am an Account Partner at IBM, but PLACE evolved from a concept I had and took on a life of its own. I am honoured to continue to advise the team and am inspired daily by their achievements. 

Joel Hutchines

Board of Advisors

Joel has charted a career path as a pioneering leader in construction. His diverse experience spans Carpentry, Construction, Architecture, and Management—successful exits from his Proptech start-ups to boot.

Ralf Wilden

Board of Advisors

As an innovation strategist, I am passionate about helping organisations deal with change. Global Business Adacemic Leader, Currently the Associate Dean of Research in Business and Strategy and Macquarie University. 

Matthew Perkins

Board of Advisors

Leader in the UK Proptech Space, I spearheaded PLACE’s early partnerships in the UK and now support in an investor and advisory capacity. I am a Chartered Surveyor by trade. 

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