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An ever-expanding resource centre for how to use new features in the dynamic placeverse. A web 3 game-like environment for accelerating access to information and facilitating conversations and trade/sales in the sustainable housing space.

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PLACE is a platform with a mission to make sustainable housing available for everyone. Our goal is to provide accessible and sustainable housing solutions to address the global housing crisis and promote a more environmentally friendly and equitable future.

PLACE works by connecting individuals and communities with sustainable housing options. We collaborate with developers, architects, and organizations committed to sustainability to create housing projects that meet environmental standards and are affordable for a wide range of people.

PLACE is designed for anyone seeking sustainable housing solutions, including individuals, families, and communities. We aim to serve a diverse range of people, from first-time homebuyers to those looking to downsize or embrace eco-friendly living.


To explore available sustainable housing options, simply visit our platform and use our search and filter tools. You can browse properties by location, price range, sustainability features, and more. We aim to make your search for sustainable housing as convenient as possible.

You can get involved with our mission in several ways. If you’re a developer or architect, you can collaborate with us to create sustainable housing projects. If you’re an individual or community looking for sustainable housing, you can explore our offerings. You can also follow us on social media, participate in our events, or reach out to us for partnership opportunities.


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