Have a podium on the stage

Let’s bring some flair to the stage! Imagine a sleek podium right there, giving speakers a spotlight to shine.

Voice to Text for Interacting with Archer

As a user when communicating with Archer I would like to be able to press an icon with a microphone and speak and have that converted to text for Archer to respond to so that it feels like more of a conversation.

Rewards Feature

watch this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXv-B04enqc

and this : https://www.africarare.io/explore

1. Innovation Hub Quests:
Users can embark on Innovation Hub Quests where they discover cutting-edge housing technologies, sustainable practices, and unique design concepts. Earn PLACE Points by completing quests, and these can be redeemed for discounts on housing-related services or exclusive virtual tours.

2. Architectural Challenges:
Engage users in stimulating design challenges to unleash their creativity. By participating in Architectural Challenges, members can earn PLACE Tokens for submitting their innovative housing designs. These tokens can be used to bid on or purchase digital blueprints, architectural assets, or even consultations with renowned architects featured on the platform.

3. PLACE Pioneer Referral Program:
Encourage users to share the excitement of exploring the future of housing by inviting friends and colleagues to join PLACE. The PLACE Pioneer Referral Program rewards both the existing member and the new user with PLACE Tokens for every successful referral. Build a network of like-minded individuals passionate about shaping the future of housing solutions.

4. Virtual Property Tours:
Users can earn PLACE Points by participating in these tours, interacting with virtual showrooms, and providing feedback. Accumulated points can be exchanged for discounts on real estate listings, consultations with property experts, or even special access to exclusive virtual property exhibitions.

Create New Badge Types for Different Achievements

Currently, there are badge types for learning and attending events; what about badge types for different types of interaction? Like the collaboration with each other, or working on deals and developments together?