Create New Badge Types for Different Achievements

Currently, there are badge types for learning and attending events; what about badge types for different types of interaction? Like the collaboration with each other, or working on deals and developments together?

Generative AI in Placeverse

A generative AI, especially the one that is possibly added into the placeverse is to help the members of the village or the developers to get inspiration, especially in the decision-making and idea-collecting process. or even to let the developers or the members improve their ideas it.

Have an Idea Bar

An Idea Bar allows members of the Village to make suggestions that will help them share services and increase sales or operational efficiency. Welcome to the Idea Bar. The Top dea Bar suggestions as voted by the community, will be implemented by the team and available to members.
Be sure to visit the Idea Bar in Placeverse to experience and interact with pilots and demos.