Designing Modular Homes: The CleverHomes Approach to Eco-Friendly Living

Modular homes are transforming the housing landscape, offering efficient, sustainable, and flexible living solutions. CleverHomes ensures when you choose modular, you’re not just choosing a home, but a lifestyle dedicated to environmental stewardship and smart design. But what sets CleverHomes apart in the vibrant world of modular living?

The Green Directive of CleverHomes

In every CleverHomes project, “green” is the guiding principle. It symbolizes a multifaceted commitment to environmental responsibility, indoor health, energy efficiency, sensitivity to resources, and a clever way of living that benefits not only the homeowners but also the planet.

Every Home Is a Green Certification Candidate

CleverHomes doesn’t treat green building certification as an afterthought; it is embedded within the very core of their design philosophy. These homes meet, and oftentimes exceed, the stringent criteria of recognized rating systems like USGBC LEED and Build-It-Green.

Prefabrication and Sustainability Go Hand-in-Hand

Resource efficiency is paramount, and this is where CleverHomes shines by employing prefabrication methods. Constructing modular homes in factories minimizes waste, lessens environmental impact, and promotes sustainability far more than traditional on-site building methods.

The Material Make-up: Healthy, Recycled, and Sustainable

From using materials with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to incorporating products with high recycled content, the ethos of CleverHomes is to create spaces that prioritize the health of its inhabitants and the planet. This includes designing solar-ready homes and even those that achieve net-zero energy status.

Innovative Technologies in Every Home

CleverHomes designs aren’t just about living spaces; they’re about pioneering sustainable lifestyles. Green roofs, water catchment systems, off-the-grid capabilities – these are just some of the advanced sustainable technologies that CleverHomes integrates into its projects.

The Architects Behind CleverHomes

CleverHomes grew from the visionary mind of Toby Long, AIA, and tobylongdesign. Over two decades, the brand has been honing a system of integrated design, fabrication, and construction that supports the built environment’s shift towards affordable and high-quality prefabricated architecture.

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