Discover Ohio’s Best Tiny Homes Builders You Should Know

In an era where sustainability is not just a preference but a necessity, Ohio stands out with a growing community committed to eco-friendly living. The Ohio Tiny Homes Builders are at the forefront of this movement, designing and creating spaces that promote a minimalist lifestyle without sacrificing comfort or style. These pioneers bring the promise of a greener future to life through their ingenious craftsmanship and environmental foresight.

The Tiny Home Revolution: Ohio’s Path to Eco-Friendly Living

NewHomeSource researched tiny home builders in Ohio and formed a short list of the best ones in the state. What follows are the results of our findings.

Modern Tiny Living

Where Design Meets Sustainability

Nestled in the heart of Columbus, Modern Tiny Living is at the forefront of bespoke tiny house construction. With a solid foundation in design, architecture, and construction, they’re your go-to team for structurally robust, safe, and aesthetically pleasing tiny homes that have graced TV screens from HGTV to the Today Show.

📍 123 Oak St., Columbus, OH 43205 

Get ready for a life less ordinary with their eco-friendly homes that don’t just look good but do good.

Maverick Tiny Homes

Contemporary Farmhouse Meets Tiny Elegance

From New Paris, Ohio, Maverick Tiny Homes infuses contemporary farmhouse charm into every build. Championing the tiny house movement with over two decades of custom home expertise, they promise an eye for detail and a wealth of customization to bring your micro-dwelling fantasies to life.

📍 609 S Washington St., New Paris, OH 45347 

Choose Maverick for a bold statement in tiny living.

Rulaco Tiny Homes

Building Big Dreams in Small Packages

Rulaco Tiny Homes offers more than just shelter; they craft sustainable, energy-efficient tiny homes designed for the eco-conscious dweller. Their NOAH certification and ties with Ohio’s tiny home leaders distinguish them as a builder that’s true to quality and committed to innovation.

Rulaco Tiny Homes

📍 820 Joyce Avenue, Columbus, OH 43219 

With Rulaco, it’s not just about building small – it’s about dreaming big.

JDM Structures

Tiny Homes with a Hefty Promise of Quality

JD Structures’ nearly thirty years in the field is underscored by their impressive 5/20 warranty and a dedication to providing the extraordinary. Hailed for their innovation and superior craftsmanship, they’re not just about building tiny homes; they’re about setting benchmarks.

📍 5840 Co Rd. 201, Millersburg, OH 44654 

Join the tiny revolution with confidence, knowing JDM Structures is at the helm.

Lakeside Cabins

Your Gateway to Affordable Tiny Elegance

Since 2002, Lakeside Cabins has been delivering timeless tiny homes tailored to the unique needs of their clients. With unparalleled design selection, competitive pricing, and a focus on high-grade materials, Lakeside Cabins digs deep into the details to ensure your little abode isn’t just a house – it’s a home.

📍 7389 OH-13 N, Shiloh, OH 44878 

Explore the wide horizons of tiny living with Lakeside Cabins – where purpose-built simplicity meets enduring quality.

Embarking on a Greener Journey with PLACE

Whether you’re an eco-conscious homeowner, a minimalist lifestyle enthusiast, or simply someone seeking sustainable living options, PLACE offer the resources and support to make your aspirations a reality. 

PLACE Village Marketplace
PLACE Village

Join the Mission and Embrace a Sustainable Future

Are you inspired to contribute to a more sustainable world with your living space? Visit PLACE, claim your profile, or create a new one to join the mission. Experience the innovation, community, and sustainability that PLACE brings to the world of housing solutions. Join us and be part of the world’s largest global marketplace dedicated to ecological and sustainable housing.