Elevate Your Living with Innovative A-Frame Building Kits

Elevate your contribution to sustainable housing with Avrame’s innovative A-Frame kits – the ultimate solution in eco-friendly home construction now accessible in the U.S. AvrameUSA emerges from Salt Lake City, Utah, as your go-to provider, delivering everything from compact studios to expansive single-family homes.

Our selection spans 11 distinct A-Frame kits, designed not just to meet but to redefine your living space necessities. These kits include precision-cut lumber, engineered roofing and flooring, windows, doors, and essential building accessories, complemented by detailed blueprints and necessary components for on-site assembly over a ready-to-go foundation.

Picture this: your kit arrives, parts ready to lock into place like a master-crafted puzzle. You take the reins from there – preparing the site, orchestrating your build team, or engaging pros for assembly and system installations, including HVAC.

Choose your A-Frame style:

Solo Series: Think compact – 14-foot custom trusses, up to 250 square feet. Art studios, home gyms, or a personal retreat. Prices start at a tempting $8,600.

Duo Series: Medium scale – 20-foot spans for that perfect getaway cabin or vacation rental, each with cozy dormer windows and up to 650 square feet of crafted comfort. Starting price: an alluring $12,950.

Trio Series: Commanding 30-foot trusses for the full-time dwelling of your dreams, tailored plans, and up to an impressive 1,600 square feet. Make your mark from $23,650.

Avrame A-Frames don’t just stand anywhere – they belong anywhere,” Indrek Kuldkepp, Avrame founder, ensures. “Ideal for off-grid living, crowned by a roof that beckons for solar power, these homes break through seasonal barriers, providing year-round sanctuary.”

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