Lindal Cedar Homes: Blending Heritage with Innovation to Build Dream Homes

In the ever-evolving landscape of home design and construction, Lindal Cedar Homes stands out, they represent a philosophy where tradition is fused with forward-thinking innovation. Since its inception in 1945, Lindal Cedar Homes has remained a family-owned business, dedicated to crafting high-quality, custom post-and-beam homes. This blog explores what sets Lindal apart in the industry, delves into the unique features of the Lindal Imagine Series inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, and aligns these with PLACE’s mission to empower choice and sustainability in housing.

The Lindal Promise: Lifetime Structural Warranty

One of the most significant assurances Lindal offers is a lifetime structural warranty to the original owner. This commitment underscores Lindal’s confidence in the durability and quality of its homes, providing homeowners with peace of mind in one of the most significant investments of their lives. This promise complements Lindal’s dedication to combining unique style, home design expertise, patented building methods, and rigorous quality control.

Customization and Flexibility

A defining characteristic of Lindal Cedar Homes is the flexibility it offers. Clients can modify any of Lindal’s floor plans and home styles to suit their budget, build site, and lifestyle needs. Whether opting for modern originals, classic retreats, architect-designed show-stoppers, or traditional farmhouses, clients can create a unique home that truly reflects their vision.

The Lindal Imagine Series: Wright-inspired Homes

One of the most unique offerings from Lindal Cedar Homes is the Lindal Imagine Series, inspired by the legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Launched in partnership with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and the School of Architecture at Taliesin in 2018, the series modernizes Wright’s Usonian designs.

In the words of Aris Georges, a graduate of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and a home design professional for Lindal Cedar Homes, “In the Lindal Imagine Series, we wanted to modernize the homes themselves while remaining respectful of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Usonian designs and underlying principles.”

Honoring Wright’s Legacy

The Lindal Imagine Series includes nine designs, each paying homage to Wright’s innovative architectural style. For instance, the three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom Crystal Springs model is based on Wright’s Bachman-Wilson home, while the 1,256-square-foot Mirror Lake is inspired by Wright’s Seth Peterson cottage. These designs embody Wright’s philosophy of integrating architecture with nature, creating spaces that flow seamlessly like “water around a boulder.”

Bringing Wright’s Vision to Life

Owning a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home is a rare opportunity, made accessible by Lindal Cedar Homes. To date, ten kits from the Lindal Imagine Series have been sold, with four completed. These homes are not just architectural masterpieces; they offer a fulfilling and fun building experience, as evidenced by customers like Mark Lloyd, who found joy and satisfaction in constructing his Crystal Springs model.

Despite the rising costs, the value of these homes remains a remarkable investment, offering buyers a unique blend of historical legacy and modern convenience.

How PLACE Amplifies Lindar Cedar Homes’ Mission

At PLACE, we believe in empowering choice and control, a mission that aligns with Lindar Cedar Homes’ Vision, which is to create an environment where dealers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders work together in a successful and profitable manner. This is what we do at PLACE, providing a tool that can facilitate collaboration between sustainable housing developers and manufacturers. The tool allows them to share knowledge, expertise, supply chains, and excess capacity. In addition, they can market their factory housing models to wholesale customers and consumers directly through our platform.

The Future of Housing: Collaborative and Sustainable

By integrating PLACE’s innovative technology, Lindal Cedar Homes can advance their mission of creating high-quality dream homes that meet or exceed customer expectations. Together, we can create a housing market that is community-driven, transparent and sustainable.

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