Marmol Radziner’s Architectural Modernism Revolutionizes Downtown LA Skyline

Los Angeles has long been a thriving canvas for architectural innovation, where the skyline tells stories of design evolution and bold, contemporary ventures. A new narrative is unfolding at 960 West 7th Street, as the latest skyscraper, Beaudry, looms majestically over Los Angeles’ financial core. Designed by the acclaimed local firm Marmol Radziner, this sleek 64-story high-rise towers at 600 feet, offering a modernist riff that resonates with the vibrant rhythm of downtown LA.

Integration with the Urban Fabric

Ron Radziner, the design partner, emphasizes the building’s harmony with its surroundings: “The building is integrated with the adjacent streetscape and existing retail plaza, with an emphasis on its connection to the neighborhood and pedestrians.” Indeed, Beaudry not only stands as a tower but also serves as an inviting outdoor room for neighborhood residents, a trait that resonates with modernist ideals of communal space.

Inside Beaudry: A Luxury with a Modernist Soul

Luxury meets horizontal modernism in the design of Beaudry’s interiors. Balconies and operable windows provide residents with a breath of Los Angeles’ temperate climate, while the horizontal elements of the facade add depth and character to the building’s exterior. The indoors celebrates the works of Southern California-based artists, enhancing the cultural richness of the spaces.

Marmol Radziner’s commitment to craftsmanship and mid-century modernism becomes evident through their in-house wood and metal shop. Custom-made furniture and pieces like hand-knotted rugs by Christopher Farr complement the travertine, walnut, and bronze materials, creating a dramatic, earthy feel that bridges the exterior and the interior seamlessly.

The Innovation Behind the Name

The inception of Marmol Radziner revolved around a groundbreaking step—a fusion of design and construction. This integration leads back to Ron Radziner and Leo Marmol’s shared past as Cal Poly students and their mutual ambition that manifested in a unique approach to architecture. “That separation of architect and builder is not necessarily such a good thing,” Radziner reflects.

Their philosophy of single-source responsibility stems from a desire to simplify the process for their clients, eradicating typical hurdles in traditional construction. Their holistic method has earned them recognition and respect within the industry, with notable projects such as the restoration of Richard Neutra’s iconic Kaufmann House under their belt.

A Glimpse Into the Future

With AI becoming progressively infused into architectural practices, Radziner points out its potential utility in the design process. While these tools are yet to accommodate the complexity of a site and its program fully, they offer an intriguing point of departure.

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