Owning an ADU: An Innovative Way to Generate Extra Income

With the increasing cost of living, everyone is looking for ways to generate extra income. One of the most popular methods in recent years is to own an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), which has proven to be a reliable source of income for many homeowners. With a deferred ownership program, Dweller has made it easier for homeowners to own and generate income from prefab ADUs. In this post, we discuss how owning an ADU can be a great opportunity to generate additional income and provide convenient housing.

One of the main reasons why people own ADUs is for the additional source of income. ADUs are commonly used as rental units and generate enough income to cover the cost of financing the unit. This source of income allows homeowners to cover extra household expenses, save for retirement, or even pay off the ADU loan earlier.

The price of an ADU is a crucial factor in the return on investment. Standardized ADUs are typically more affordable than custom-built ones. This has a shorter payback period, and it is easier to realize the income earning potential of the ADU faster than more expensive ones. Also, ADUs do not require any additional land, which makes them an economical option for homeowners looking to generate extra income.

Homeowners who own an ADU have a significant advantage over those who do not own one. Owning an ADU allows for the use of surplus space in the backyard or garage. Turning garages or backyards into livable spaces has the potential to increase the property value and provide a housing option for people in need of a place to live. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Jason, a Dweller homeowner from Portland, Oregon, shared his experience with owning an ADU. He said, “I feel I’m making the best use of that space in my yard. It’s raising the value of my property, and it’s providing another housing option for people.” Jason’s experience is an excellent example of how owning an ADU can benefit not only the homeowner but also the community.

Owning an ADU is an innovative way to generate additional income for homeowners while providing extra housing for people. PLACE, the world’s largest global market for housing solutions, has a mission to bring together developers, manufacturers and home builders, to share knowledge and accelerate our efforts in all areas of sustainable housing.  ADU’s are one of the ways we move the needle as a society on bridging the gap in having sufficient housing for everyone. 

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