Revolutionizing Homeownership with Innovation and Sustainability: The Story

In a world where sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity, the story of stands out as an example of innovation and green living. Founded in 2017 by Max Gerbut, a physicist turned entrepreneur with a vision of revolutionizing the housing and construction industries, has swiftly become synonymous with premium, energy-efficient accessory dwelling units (ADUs) known for their stellar design, sustainability, and ease of living.

The Inspirational Journey to Innovation

The creation of wasn’t just about building homes; it was about redefining the concept of living. “I set out to create as a new construction concept that can change the entire housing and construction industry,” says Max Gerbut, reflecting the aspiration to infuse the market with sustainable, convenient, and cutting-edge living solutions. His background as a physicist and industrial designer fueled the quest for innovative practices in construction that led to the first 3D-printed, off-grid home—setting the stage for what would become a significant stride in sustainable living.

A Glimpse into the Future with the MicroHaus

From this pioneering step, expanded its portfolio, among which the microHaus, a 120-square-foot ADU, stands out for its simplicity, luxury, and adaptability. Designed to upgrade seamlessly for off-grid living, the microHaus encapsulates’s vision by offering a self-contained living experience that brings together high-end appliances, built-in furniture, and an award-winning commitment to energy efficiency and mobility.

One of’s proudest moments came with the delivery of a microHaus to a client in Portland, Oregon. This unit not only serves as a testament to functional and aesthetic brilliance but has also inspired a new wave of investors who see the immense potential and functionality embedded in such innovations.

Pioneering Sustainable Living

With a starting price of $89,990, the microHaus comes fully equipped to move in, featuring European furniture, ceramic floors, and advanced energy-saving technologies. It stands apart due to its use of recyclable materials, up to 80 percent energy and water savings compared to traditional buildings, and the ease of installation akin to that of an RV—no permits, foundations, or complicated setups required.

Customizable options in the mOne and mTwo models offer clients the freedom to select color themes, layouts, and essential off-grid capabilities, highlighting’s dedication to tailoring sustainable living solutions to individual needs.

Join the Revolution in Sustainable Living

The path is carving aligns seamlessly with the growing demand for sustainable and innovative living solutions. For those who dream of waking up with the view they desire, in a home that embodies efficiency, luxury, and care for the planet, provides an answer. 

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