Shaping the Future of Housing: Empowerment, Sustainability, and Innovation

Manufactured homes have revolutionized the way we think about affordable and sustainable housing. Today’s manufactured homes are not mere shelters; they’re innovative dwellings that meld quality, functionality, and environmental consciousness into one. The range of options available—from entry-level models to residential-style homes—means there is something for every homeowner, real estate professional, and community developer to appreciate.

In this post, we’ll explore the insights shared by experts like Steve Lawler, the CFO of Deer Valley Homebuilders (DVLY), and the importance of sustainable practices as championed by PLACE’s mission, which adds a new dimension to the manufactured housing industry.

Entry-Level vs. Residential Style Manufactured Homes

The conversation with Steve Lawler and Chet Murhpree during an Inside MH Road Show sheds light on the diversity within the manufactured housing industry. The analogy to cars is helpful here; think of the spectrum from basic subcompacts to luxury vehicles—that’s the type of range we’re talking about with today’s manufactured homes.

Deer Valley Homebuilders aims its sights at the higher end, creating homes that appeal to those who could choose traditional housing but recognize the superior value in modern manufactured homes. Consider the unmistakable quality seen in features like a laid-stone fireplace, far from the plastic sinks found in some entry-level models. Deer Valley’s homes provide style and sustainability without breaking the bank, maintaining a cost approximately half that of comparably upscale, conventional homes.

>”…every HUD Code manufactured home must meet or exceed construction, energy, and safety standards…” – Steve Lawler, CFO, Deer Valley Homebuilders, Inc.

Yet, regardless of the price point, all manufactured homes must live up to the stringent HUD Code standards, ensuring quality, energy efficiency, and safety.

Insight from the Experts

“As an industry, we represent all levels of home building.” – Steve Lawler, Deer Valley Homebuilders

This sentiment emphasizes the industry’s versatility and commitment to catering to a broad spectrum of needs and preferences. Lawler points out that the HUD Code represents a baseline—homes can, and often do, go above and beyond these requirements to deliver premium living experiences.

Empowerment through Customer Experience

Customer testimonials provide evidence of the tangible differences that companies like Deer Valley make in their clients’ lives:

“We are so pleased…we are so happy we decided to go with Deer Valley.” – Brian & Angie Casto, satisfied homeowners

Feedback like this underscores the empowering nature of transparency and quality assurance that Deer Valley and similar companies strive to provide their homeowners.

Sustainability and Innovation in Housing

As PLACE’s Community manager it is such a pleasure to get to research and explore the great work done by the likes of the team at Deer Valley. The promotion of environmental sustainability within the housing industry. Our Village marketplace initiative seeks to facilitate collaboration in the industry —a model of efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Free Tools for Sustainable Housing

PLACE offers both free and paid tools that encourage sustainable housing development:

  • Engage with global counterparts in the PLACE Verse WEB 3 Environment and build local community connections.
  • List models in the expansive global Modern Methods of Construction Directory and reach direct consumers or other businesses.
  • Share and monetize digital assets like training content or house plans.
  • Foster innovation through the Idea Bar and contribute to community-forward digital solutions with AI-based matchmaking for sustainable homes.

Through these initiatives, PLACE and companies like Deer Valley are setting new benchmarks for not just the sustainability of individual homes but the entire housing industry.

So, Whether you’re a homeowner seeking an environmentally friendly abode, a real estate professional identifying opportunities for your clients, or a community developer looking to foster sustainable growth, the modern manufactured home offers a compelling proposition. It’s a proposition built on ingenuity, respect for the planet, and a deep understanding of what makes a house a true home.

The commitment of industry leaders like Deer Valley, supported by platforms like PLACE, promises to drive innovation and sustainable practices for years to come, making affordable, high-quality, and eco-conscious homeownership accessible to all.

Interested in learning more about sustainable housing solutions? Visit Deer Valley Homebuilders in our Village Marketplace, to see how innovation in manufacturing is building the communities of tomorrow.

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