The PopUP House: Sustainable Style for Modern Living

In today’s world, more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, seeking sustainable lifestyles without compromising on modern comforts or style. Among the eco-conscious homeowners, innovative architects, and sustainable living enthusiasts, there’s a buzz around a novel prefab solution that redefines ‘simple living’ to be stylish, functional, and eco-friendly. Enter the PopUP House!

Introducing the PopUP House

The intriguing concept of the PopUP House sprouted from the creative mind of New York-based artist, Hally Thacher. Her work has now blossomed into myriad configurations to stand as an example of sustainable living in style. Developed by House Port, the PopUP House is a versatile and new sustainable alternative to traditional manufactured homes.

The Design – Modern Meets Mother Nature

It’s designed to offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly living solution. The pre-fabricated kit comprises highly customizable cubes under a free-standing expansive roof. Each cube features Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) for ample living space, a bedroom area, kitchen, and utility space. These SIPs, supplied by US SIPS, craft an airtight seal providing unparalleled insulation, boosting energy efficiency and slashing heating and cooling expenses.

Customization at its Core

What sets the PopUP House apart from conventional prefab homes is its flexibility. Homeowners are given the artistic freedom to infuse their individuality, selecting doors, layouts, furniture, carpeting, and more, transforming a house into a tailored sanctuary.

The Recent Desert Hot Springs PopUP House

Imagine a dwelling where:

  • Net Zero Living is not just a concept but a reality, with the property located on a well, virtually eliminating utility bills.
  • Electric gates are powered directly by solar panels, epitomizing self-sufficiency.
  • A comprehensive solar package, making all electric elements in the house, including the pool, solar-powered.
  • Structural Insulated Panels and EnergyStar appliances underscore the commitment to green living.
  • Eco-smart heating/cooling systems like evaporative coolers and eheaters crowning efficiency efforts, saving a notable $10,000.
  • Elements like the double-paned sliders are reflections of the dedication to comfort fused seamlessly with environmental stewardship.

Catch an exclusive glimpse of the PopUP House in an eight-part web series showcasing Hally Thacher’s desert odyssey, where she created a sublime homestead for a budget of just $250,000.

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