Top Projects and Pros Honored at Building Systems Summit

The Building Systems Housing Summit stands as a vanguard event where innovation, craftsmanship, and dedication to the advancement of the construction industry are celebrated with the  Offsite Construction Awards. The summit, a highlight on the calendars of architects, engineers, and construction professionals, has once more recognized standout projects and stalwarts in the field for their contributions to taking building systems to unparalleled heights.

Celebrating Innovation and Excellence: The NAHB Offsite Construction Awards

Earlier this month at the National Housing Center, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) hosted an awards program that lauded leading systems-built construction projects and professionals. These awards, encompassing the Jerry Rouleau Awards for Excellence in Marketing and Home Design, shine a spotlight on NAHB members whose exemplary work sets new standards across various categories.

A New Dawn: The Innovative Product or Service Category

This year, a new category made its debut — the Innovative Product or Service award, which seeks to highlight outstanding offerings that push the boundaries of the offsite construction industry. This recognition goes to products or suppliers introducing novel elements that potentially redefine industry practices and improve overall efficiency and sustainability.

Home Design: A Spectrum of Building Systems

The awards span a variety of systems, recognizing exceptional work in log, timber, panelized, and modular constructions, as well as multifamily project designs. This year’s winners showcased the diverse application of these systems, ranging from cozy log cabins to expansive modular homes.

2023 Winners at a Glance:

  • Log Construction: From the intimate charm of the Pitcher Custom Log Home to the grandeur of the Lake Placid Buena Vista.
  • Modular Home: Innovative homes like The Grays stood out for design ingenuity under 2,000 sq. ft., while the lavish Country Club Home left a mark in the over 4,001 sq. ft. category.
  • Panelized Construction: Projects like the Circle Project: Whisper Creek Homes captured imaginations with their sustainable design.
  • Timber Design: The Evergreen Project by Riverbend Timber Framing carved out excellence in timber construction.
  • Multifamily Project: With the SIP Green Apartments Project by Extreme Panel Technologies, multifamily housing saw innovative approaches to sustainability.

Marketing Excellence: Digital Presence and Print Media

Effective marketing propels a brand’s visibility and shapes public perception. The PrecisionCraft Website by PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes and the standout Feeney Print Ad by ER Marketing emerged as leaders in marrying marketing prowess with the essence of the construction industry.

Specialty Winners: Recognizing Yearly Pioneers

The honor roll of 2023 includes Matt Belcher awarded the S.A. Walters Award, alongside David Roover, Charlie Chupp, and John Harding, each recognized respectively as the Builder, Manufacturer, and Supplier of the Year, signifiers of their indelible impact on the industry.

Innovation Spotlight: One Precision Assemblies by CertainTeed

The inaugural award for the Innovative Product or Service showcased CertainTeed’s commitment to innovation that not only meets industry needs but sets new environmental and efficiency standards.

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